LiftBridge 1.4.35 28/Nov/2012

Release Notes:

  • 1.4.35
    1. Chorus: Use 'resumable' internet transport to Language Depot by default.
    2. Chorus: Rework LibChorus to not use WinForms.
    3. Chorus: Never include *.log or *-ImportLog.htm files in repository.
  • 1.4.34
    1. Chorus: Fix problem with 'Download' button not being enabled properly when getting project from the internet.
  • 1.4.32
    1. Chorus: Fix problem merging duplicate lexical relations.
  • 1.4.30
    1. Lift Bridge: Improve warning about not creating new project.
    2. Chorus: Make sure there is always a user name for a commit.
  • 1.4.29
    1. Chorus: Improvements in shared network setup.
    2. Chorus: Add help support for some UI.
    3. Chorus: Fix crash merging large files.
    4. Chorus: Fix a couple bugs in the code that compares two xml elements for being equal.
  • 1.4.27
    1. Chorus: Fixes to various problems in the new UI for accessing a shared network folder.
    2. Chorus: Fix problem where Chorus showed the same conflict report for different reports.
  • 1.4.25
    1. Lift Bridge: Use new UI for accessing a shared network folder the first time.
    2. Lift Bridge: Fix bug where user deleted the LiftBridge folder while FLEx was running.
    3. Chorus: Update to 'resumable' for large 'bundles'.
  • 1.4.24
    1. Lift Bridge: Revise to use the exact same version of Chorus as is used in WeSay 1.3.
  • 1.4.22
    1. Lift Bridge: Revise installer, so it works for users and FLEx developers.
  • 1.4.20
    1. Chorus: Improved Lift file merging.
    2. Chorus: Fix CHR-17 Better handling of quotes in xml 'id' attributes.
  • 1.4.19
    1. Chorus: Fix CHR-19 space in target folder name bug.
  • 1.4.18
    1. Chorus: Fix CHR-18 merging bug.
    2. Chorus: Improvements in handling ChorusNotes files.
    3. Chorus: Improvements in resumable capability.
  • 1.4.17
    1. LIFT Bridge: Fix problem where a user's name in the directory structure could have a period (.) in it which reulted in a crash.
    2. Chorus: Fix the large file filter to not report a warning for normally excluded files.
    3. Chorus: Improve some conflict reports.
    4. Chorus: Improve Internet button labeling.
    5. Chorus: Change "Account" to "Login" in internet setup.
  • 1.4.15
    1. Chorus: Fix problems related to cancelling the Send/Receive.
    2. Chorus: Use new Chorus merge module for core installed items from Chorus. (Should fix issues related to utf8 filenames.)
  • 1.4.13
    1. Chorus: Fix bug where large files were being prevented from being put into the repository. (Mercurial refuses to not allow large 'wav' files to be excluded.)
    2. LIFT Bridge: Fix rare problem of null refence crash with selected project.
  • 1.4.12
    1. LIFT Bridge: Fix bugs in shared network dialog.
    2. LIFT Bridge and Chorus: Fix problem of not saving locations of a shared network folder and internet settings.
  • 1.4.10
    1. Chorus: Fix issues related to LIFT Bridge moratorium.
    2. LIFT Bridge: Fix installer. (NB: Please manually uninstall any, and all, previous LIFT Bridge installations that show up in your Control Panel, *before* installing this version.)
    3. LIFT Bridge: Make startup a bit better when the user is getting a system from somewhere else.
    4. LIFT Bridge: Fix bug locating a shared network folder.