LIFT Bridge is a plugin for FieldWorks Language Explorer which permits sharing of LIFT dictionary data with remote colleagues such as WeSay.


See documentation for details on how to use LIFT Bridge.


LIFT Bridge is available for use with two versions of FieldWorks: 7.2.4+ and 7.3. Select the version of Lift Bridge to download based on which version of FieldWorks you have installed.

7.2.4+ 7.3+ (Installed automatically)
Lift Bridge 1.4.39 18/Mar/2013

Release Notes:

  • 1.4.39
    1. Chorus: Fix problem with Send/Receive failure for HTTP 417 server error.
  • 1.4.38
    1. Chorus: Fix problem with indenting some xml elements in the Lift and Lift Ranges files.
  • 1.4.35
    1. Chorus: Use 'resumable' internet transport to Language Depot by default.
    2. Chorus: Rework LibChorus to not use WinForms.
    3. Chorus: Never include *.log or *-ImportLog.htm files in repository.
  • 1.4.34
    1. Chorus: Fix problem with 'Download' button not being enabled properly when getting project from the internet.
  • 1.4.32
    1. Chorus: Fix problem merging duplicate lexical relations.
  • 1.4.30
    1. Lift Bridge: Improve warning about not creating new project.
    2. Chorus: Make sure there is always a user name for a commit.
  • 1.4.29
    1. Chorus: Improvements in shared network setup.
    2. Chorus: Add help support for some UI.
    3. Chorus: Fix crash merging large files.
    4. Chorus: Fix a couple bugs in the code that compares two xml elements for being equal.
  • 1.4.27
    1. Chorus: Fixes to various problems in the new UI for accessing a shared network folder.
    2. Chorus: Fix problem where Chorus showed the same conflict report for different reports.
  • 1.4.25
    1. Lift Bridge: Use new UI for accessing a shared network folder the first time.
    2. Lift Bridge: Fix bug where user deleted the Lift Bridge folder while FLEx was running.
    3. Chorus: Update to 'resumable' for large 'bundles'.
  • 1.4.24
    1. Lift Bridge: Revise to use the exact same version of Chorus as is used in WeSay 1.3.
  • 1.4.22
    1. Lift Bridge: Revise installer, so it works for users and FLEx developers.
  • 1.4.20
    1. Chorus: Improved Lift file merging.
    2. Chorus: Fix CHR-17 Better handling of quotes in xml 'id' attributes.
  • 1.4.19
    1. Chorus: Fix CHR-19 space in target folder name bug.
  • 1.4.18
    1. Chorus: Fix CHR-18 merging bug.
    2. Chorus: Improvements in handling ChorusNotes files.
    3. Chorus: Improvements in resumable capability.
  • 1.4.17
    1. LIFT Bridge: Fix problem where a user's name in the directory structure could have a period (.) in it which reulted in a crash.
    2. Chorus: Fix the large file filter to not report a warning for normally excluded files.
    3. Chorus: Improve some conflict reports.
    4. Chorus: Improve Internet button labeling.
    5. Chorus: Change "Account" to "Login" in internet setup.
  • 1.4.15
    1. Chorus: Fix problems related to cancelling the Send/Receive.
    2. Chorus: Use new Chorus merge module for core installed items from Chorus. (Should fix issues related to utf8 filenames.)
  • 1.4.13
    1. Chorus: Fix bug where large files were being prevented from being put into the repository. (Mercurial refuses to not allow large 'wav' files to be excluded.)
    2. LIFT Bridge: Fix rare problem of null refence crash with selected project.
  • 1.4.12
    1. LIFT Bridge: Fix bugs in shared network dialog.
    2. LIFT Bridge and Chorus: Fix problem of not saving locations of a shared network folder and internet settings.
  • 1.4.10
    1. Chorus: Fix issues related to LIFT Bridge moratorium.
    2. LIFT Bridge: Fix installer. (NB: Please manually uninstall any, and all, previous LIFT Bridge installations that show up in your Control Panel, *before* installing this version.)
    3. LIFT Bridge: Make startup a bit better when the user is getting a system from somewhere else.
    4. LIFT Bridge: Fix bug locating a shared network folder.
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