FLEx Bridge supports sharing a full FieldWorks data set with a remote FieldWorks FLEx user, as well as support for sharing LIFT data with WeSay users. It can also be used for sharing both types of data.


FLEx Bridge is run by FLEx, and is accessed via Flex's "Send/Receive" menu items.


FLEx Bridge is installed with FLEx 8.0+. FLEx Bridge also has its own installer, so it can be upgraded independently of the FLEx version that installed it. This allows for updates to be released on a different schedule than is used for FLEx releases.


FLEx supports two types of data storage: xml file and a client/server system that allows for local sharing over a network. When FLEx Bridge is used with that local network support system, only Lift sharing is supported. When FLEx Bridge is used with the xml file system, both types of data sharing are supported.


FLEx Bridge